If you are hoping to expand and increase your business’s sales online you need an online store builder that can help you create the online store of your dreams! Read and discover what is the best builder on the market!

As you probably know, there are so many online store builders today offering you similar templates, tools, and features that will help you build your own ecommerce store. This makes it really hard to pick one, however, you have nothing to worry about as we are here to help you out.
We have made our own research and discovered that Shopify is the most recommended online store builder, Squarespace is perfect for selling a few products, Big Cartel is your best option if you are just starting out, OpenCart is an open source platform with lots of extensions, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin with many helpful extensions, Jumpseller offers strong customer support, GoDaddy is easy to use but is limited, Core Commerce has good pricing and good customer support but it is a little bit difficult to use, BigCommerce targets growing and mature online stores, Ubercart integrates with Drupal, Wix is an online store builder that is added ecommerce recently, Magenty is highly customizable but it is complicated to use, Spark Pay is difficult to use and has frustrating bandwidth charges, Goodsie is excellent for beginners but it is a little bit expensive, and finally, Volucion is expensive and difficult to use.
From this, we can conclude that Shopify, SquareSpace, and Big Cartel are your 3 best options.
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● Shopify

The best thing when using Shopify is that you don’t need a professional developer to add extra features as Shopify already offers you a ton of apps that will help you create the website of your dreams. The access to Shopify App is great and there are lots of third-party applications you can integrate with easily and all of these are important for growing a successful business online. There are lots of applications that will help you with customization and personalization. It has an easy to use panel and specific skills are not required. It is very easy to start selling and the interface is perfect for managing your online store. Shopify offers a very simple way to add products, apply different themes, and edit options. It is super user- friendly, especially for beginners.

● Squarespace

The first thing that can be said for this platform is that it is very easy to use. It is simple to add, easy to configure, delete and modify the inventory and what is even more important – it allows you to keep track of the ins and outs with the latest metrics and sales graphs. Squarespace can offer you great templates that will help you build a great looking website. The only thing that it requires improving is allowing more than 1 currency on the ecommerce site.

● BigCartel

The third option you could consider is BigCartel, an online store builder that is perfect for stores that are just starting. This platform is recommended for smaller shops. It is an amazing platform for selling simple products. It is super easy to use, maintain, navigate, and customize the shopfront. It is user-friendly and will help you set up your own online store in a matter of minutes. When compared to other online store builders, it is ridiculously cheap. The only downside of BigCartel is that it is limited in terms of templates.
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Make the right choice – pick the best online store builder and build the website of your dreams!

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