You’ve taken the time to research a good product to sell. You’ve chosen the best free e-commerce website builder to create your free online store. Now, your free online store is up and running, but no customer is visiting it. Well, to get prospective customers to visit your free online store, you must create awareness for it. There are many effective ways to do that without burning money:

Promote your best free online store through SEO

SEO is one of the most effective and cheap ways to promote your online business. SEO means optimizing your online store for search engines. The result should be that your online store comes up on top of search results when customers search a product you’re offering. There are many ways to optimize your free online store for search engines; you can create quality content, include keywords that your target marketing is searching for, building links, and more.

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Promote your best free online store on social media

Social media is the best platform to promote your online business, by far. And the good part is that you don’t have to pay anything to do that. Another remarkable thing about social media, especially Facebook is that it’s effortless to find your target audience. Facebook has many groups that bring people of same interest together. So you can join those groups and start selling your products. The advantage to the Facebook groups is that you will be placing your product in front of customers who are interested in it. So the possibilities of them buying your product are high.

Promote your best free online store on price aggregator sites

There are many price aggregator sites that compare prices of products from various online stores. Sign a contract with some of the price aggregator sites and sell your products. Here, selling will hinge on your product price tags. You can get a lot of orders from those sites.

Promote your best free online store on forums

There are many forums out there in different niches. Forums are platforms where people post questions, and others provide answers. You can actively participate in those forums and introduce your product once you’ve made a name for yourself.


There are many ways to promote your free e-commerce website, including traditional channels like radio and television. But the above-mentioned offers you the chance to promote your business easily and cost-effectively.

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