Making sells online is not easy. You can’t just create an online store and hope that customers will stumble upon it and buy your products. You need to drive a lot of traffic to your online store and convert it. If you’re running a free online store, here are the tricks to drive traffic to it and sell more:

1.    To create the best free online store out there, share knowledge about your product

Before you choose a product to sell online, you must conductive extensive research about it. Ideally, you should know your product like the back of your hands. Know its competitive benefits. Note down the problems customers face when using your product. Begin by picking every problem individually and suggests effective solutions. This is why it’s a good idea to know your product’s strength and weaknesses up front. Make your suggestions as brief as possible to entice customers to read them to the end. 250 to 500 words are okay. In short, your content must be useful to prospective customers. If you’re not sure about the suggestions you’ve written, have a second pair of eyes look at them. With the second pair of eyes, you’ll be sure that the suggestions are useful.

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2.    Join discussions to create the best free online store

At this time, you have done extensive research and known the strengths of your product. You now need to help your target customers in real-time. You can do this by joining discussions in your product category to help prospective customers address their problems. Check out blogs and forums in your product category. A simple search will bring you different forums and blogs in your product category. Take the time to read the comment threads carefully and comment with beneficial information. After a couple of forum postings, people will start to know you and follow you. Once you’ve made a name for yourself, you can begin to pitch your products.

3.    Harness traffic for your best free online store

Social media is a great place to get traffic to your free online store. You can share your content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest to get engagement. Once people see your posts and find that they are useful, they will visit your free online store to check out your products.


These techniques won’t cost you anything. But the amount of traffic that will come to your website will be overwhelming. And if you offer products that address their problems, many will buy.